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We are looking for Entrepreneurial Mentors!


Here’s what we need:

  • People who can help students define their idea and in particular, their unique value proposition. We’ve provided a list of questions to guide them. For this, you need to know how to ask the right questions to coach the students along;
  • People who are experienced with technologies or how to code who are willing to help students, at all levels, from newbies to experienced as student teams define a possible technology solutions to the problem they’ve identified;
  • Creative arts people, particularly in the areas of design and content creation, who can help students make something cool that people will want to use and/or which will attract attention;
  • Social and life science experts, open government experts and all other subject matter experts who can help students gain a deeper understanding of the sector they are targeting with their solution;
  • Sales and marketing people to help them define their market (non-profit and for-profit welcome) and to guide their research as they try and figure out who would use their product or service;
  • Post-secondary education people who want to give students an idea of what they can study to create the career they want;
  • People who work in tech who aren’t coders, to give the students examples of how deep and broad the opportunities are in the knowledge sector.

Expectations include the following:

  • Be available for a weekly, one-hour phone call or video conference call with your student team or individual through to the April 5th Finals;
  • Visit them for a face-to-face meeting at least once before the March 3rd pitch competition. We will match mentors and schools based on proximity, but some schools may need some really special mentors able to travel a couple of hours to be with them. A great opportunity to visit certain parts of the Maritimes if you’ve never been!;
  • Bilingual or francophone mentors for our francophone high school students;
  • Be available, if possible, to join them on March 3rd if they are one of the ten finalists. This is requested but not required;
  • Be available, if requested, to mentor one of the three winners following the finals as they develop their prototype or service. These mentors will be matched with the winners March 3rd, based on the needs of the winners and subject matter expertise of the mentors.

Along the way, you just might meet your next intern, summer student or employee. Or maybe you’ll open the door for a Maritime teen to pursue a new path.

That’s how Michael Go, a recent graduate of Riverview High School, described the impact technology had on him to the crowd. “Learning programming was like finding a key to get out of any room you want.”

We can do that for lots of Maritime teens over the next few months!


I’d like to help!

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